Here are 4 ways to find your ticket number for a draw.

1. As soon as you succesfully enter the draw you will see ticket numbers on the confirmation page.

2. On your confirmation email for the competitions you will see your ticket numbers.

3. Log into your account, go to ‘My account’ – My Orders – click on each order and you will see ticket numbers there.

4. View the publicised list of entrants which we will post on facebook right after each competition is finalised. This list of entrants will also be emailled to every entrant after the competition is finalised so that they can check that they're on the list under the correct ticket number.

We do the draw Live on our Facebook page for everyone to see. We use Google’s random number generator to determine the winner, we will show you how the random number generator works prior to drawing the winning number. We also prove we are live by reading out comments and answering customer queries as we go.

Yes of course we would love for you to visit us and collect your prize as soon as you're ready. 

As needed, we will extend the draw date. But hopefully this will not be necessary.

EU and UK rules dictate that you must hold a herd number if you keep cattle (or a flock number if you keep sheep).


If, in the highly unlikely event, the winner does not have a necessary herd number, we can arrange for the livestock prize to be auctioned and the monetary proceeds of the auctioned livestock will them be handed over to the winner. 


However, if you do not hold a necessary herd number, we discourage you from entering into competitions for livestock.